Paint Supplies

At Kelton’s we’re the one-stop shop in Murfreesboro for all your paint supplies.

We carry a large selection of paint and everything you need to make your project a success. What is one of the most affordable ways to give a room a whole new look? A simple gallon of paint and a roller can transform a room from dingy and uninspiring to dazzling and exciting or a relaxing retreat.

What’s your next project idea?

Whether you’re looking for simple or complex designs, textures, or bold colors, the ability to select and execute your ideas can be intimidating. The friendly and experienced staff at Kelton’s Hardware can help you transform your ideas into reality. We have all the tools and supplies you need to start and complete your project right.

Painting FAQ’s

  • How do I know if the paint on my walls is latex or oil based?
    Take some denatured alcohol or finger nail polish remover and test in an inconspicuous area. If the paint softens and is easily removed you have latex paint. If the paint is not affected, it is typically an oil-based paint (alkyd).
  • Do products called “Paint and Primer” in one have primer mixed in?
    No, these products do not have actual primer mixed in. Products labeled “paint and primer in one” have quality resin mixed that allow for good paint adhesion. This can help to eliminate the need for primers. Primers may still be required in certain circumstances. See a knowledgeable and friendly Kelton’s staff member for more information.
  • Can I put a latex paint over a surface previously covered with oil- based paint (alkyd)?
    In most cases with the latex technology used today, this should be okay. The surface to be painted will require a little extra attention in preparation. If the oil-based paint contains lead, you will need to contact the EPA or a lead abatement removal company. If the paint does not contain lead, lightly sand to remove the glossy surface. Clean the surface to remove any dirt or debris and prime with an appropriate primer.
  • How long does it take for paint to “cure”?
    Depends on color choice, atmospheric conditions and other variables. Most latex paint can be put to normal use after a day or two. However, it can take up to 60 days to fully cure. Wait at least 14 days before attempting to wipe or wash the walls.

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