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Get Advice & Supplies for the Perfect Lawn in Murfreesboro

What is lawn aeration? When should I use fertilizer on my lawn? Do I even need an herbicide?

Trust the folks at Kelton’s to give you the best advice on your lawn and garden supply needs. Armed with the best products, we can give you advice and show you how to take care of your lawn. We can even develop a personalized 5-step turf care program – just for you!

Looking for plants, flowers, or shrubs for that perfect curb appeal? We’ve got you covered. Match that beautifully manicured lawn with just the right plants. Confused about planting zones, perennials or annuals? Don’t be, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will have you up to speed in no time.

Gardening tips and tricks

  • To prevent the line on your trimmer from jamming or breaking, treat with a spray vegetable oil before installing it in the trimmer.
  • For sudden overnight frosts and freezes, turn little clay pots upside down and cover small, tender plants.
  • Next time you boil or steam vegetables, don’t throw out the water, use it to water potted plants, plants will love the “veggie soup.”
  • A quick way to dry herbs- lay a sheet of newspaper on the seat of your car and arrange the herbs in a single layer, leaving them in a closed up car. Your herbs will dry perfectly and your car will smell great.
  • Turn a long-handled gardening tool into a measuring stick. Lay a long-handled gardening tool on the ground, and next to it place a tape measure. Using a permanent marker, write inch and foot marks on the handle. When you need to space plants a certain distance you’ll have a measuring device in your hand.

Come see how we can help you get a beautiful lawn. Be sure to check out our mowers and power equipment from Grasshopper and Gravely to help maintain your lawn.

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