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Stihl Premium Round Line (.130 Diameter / 65' Length Black)


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This excellent "multi-purpose" line is designed to hold up under a wide range of cutting conditions. Manufactured to fit all STIHL and competitive line trimmer heads, this high-performance trimmer line is as versatile as it is easy to install. It is available in .065, .080, .095, .105, and .130 diameters and is specially formulated to prevent fraying and welding. Visit your local authorized STIHL Dealer to find out which size is right for your trimmer.


  • Ultimate Compatibility - 

    This line is compatible with all STIHL nylon line trimmer heads.
  • Color-Coded - 

    Nylon lines are color-coded to easily define the diameter of the cutting line. STIHL offers trimmer lines in all standard sizes including .065 (blue), .080 (light green), .095 (orange), .105 (red), .118 (yellow), .130 (black), and .155 (dark green) diameters. Consult your trimmer instruction manual or visit your local authorized STIHL Dealer to find out which size is right for your trimmer.
  • Variations Available - 

    This product is available in a variety of sizes and configurations. See dealer for details.
  • Round Shape - 

    This round trimmer line is easy to install, breaks less frequently, and is more resistant when coming into contact with hard materials, such as concrete or metal, than other trimmer lines.

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